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Delivery address

Delivery address may be specified manually when placing an order or taken from your PayPal account if choose respective payment option. Please make sure your address is correct before making payment. We do not take any responsibility if goods fail to be delivered because of incorrectly specified address.

Delivery options

We ship the products globally with Singapore Post. To some limited country options we also provide DHL shipping or other alternative shipping methods. Please note, that delivery option may change with or without prior notification. Change of delivery option may be required because of difficulties of reaching particular destinations or other reasons.

Delivery time

Shipping time depends on chosen shipping option and may vary according to real situation. It is not fixed and can not be guaranteed. Singapore Post delivery to European countries normally takes 15- 20 calendar days or more at peak seasons. We do, however, guarantee that your order will be processed and passed to the shipping company within 2-5 working days.

Delivery tracking

Once the order is passed to the shipping company you will receive tracking number information. If you don't receive it to your email, please check status of your order for it. With tracking number you may check detailed status of your shipment online on the website of the shipping company.

Delivery limitations

Particilar limitations to shipments may be applied, based on chosen product type, shipping method and destination country law and regulations. Additionally to that, if order weight is more than 2kg order has to be shipped in separate packages or with different shipping method.

Customs clearance

We do export customs clearance when shipping the goods out if it is required by shipping method you choose. Import customs clearance procedures are made by the buyer (if it is required), as well as any related fees are borne by the buyer. We do not take any responsibility, if goods fail to pass import customs clearance. We do however provide support if any information is required for import customs clearance.