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Payment options

Currently payments only via PayPal are accepted. Stay tuned for our news to be the first to know when other payment methods become available. For PayPal check out payment option your order will be shipped to your verified address specified in PayPal account. Please make sure it is correct, before placing an order If you don't have a PayPal account you may get it by visiting official website www.paypal.com . PayPal is free, easy to use, safe and secure payment method.

Bank card payments

We do not accept payments with credit or debit cards directly now, but you may link your bank card to your PayPal account and make payment with your bank card via PayPal.

Refund policy

We do provide refunds to our customers on certain conditions, specified in Return policy.

Payment limitations

Please note, that payments are subject to certain limitations, which are applied by payment gateway (e.g. PayPal), your bank and your country laws and regulations.

Order changes after payment

After payment is settled the order is considered to be placed. We do not allow cancellations or changes in any way afterward.


We provide wholesale service on individual basis. Please contact our staff to place orders above limits set on the shopping cart.