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Return and Refund Policy


If you (buyer) are not satisfied with order, we provide 7 days money-back guarantee. Please contact our support team by opening support ticket to get detailed instruction on return procedure. Please make sure that the goods do not have any physical damage or software modifications and all packaging material is in original condition. For returns the buyer is required to bear shipping costs. Please note, that we do not bear responsibility for missing items in return shipments, missing shipments or damaged items in return shipments. Please note, we do not accept any returns if they are not agreed with the support team. All return procedures, instructions and requirements must be followed strictly, otherwise shipment may get lost and we won't be able to provide service to you and/or offer refund.

Missing items

If you (buyer) get package and some parts of the order are missing, please make sure to contact our support, by opening support ticket, and provide details about your order within 7 days of receipt of the package. The details include (but not limited) actual weight of all received goods, including all package and photos of received items, order number, tracking number, receivers information, payment information. If the fact of missing items in the order is proved, we will send missing items to the buyer the same delivery way as the order.

Wrong items

If you (buyer) receive wrong item, please make sure to contact our support by opening support ticket within 7 days of receipt of your order and provide photos of received items and order details. Other data may be requested by our support team. If the fact of receipt of wrong items is proved, we will ship the correct item to you to the same address. You may be required to return the original item first.

Damaged items

If you (buyer) get item with physical damage, immediately contact carrier and our support team. Take photos of the received goods, including packaging materials and particularly the defects. Other information may be required by our support team. If the received product does not have physical damage, but has an obvious malfunction, please contact our support team and provide details and evidence of the defect. All the claims on damaged items should be reported to our support team through support ticket system within 7 days of receipt of the package. Once the case is clarified, we may resend the good item to you to the same address. You may be required to return the original item first.


Each product has different warranty period. If not stated otherwise in the order, on the website, product package, user manual or warranty card, the warranty period is 1 year. It starts on the first day of receipt of the goods. If you (buyer) find the goods to be defective within warranty period, please contact our support team before sending the item to us and provide evidence and details about the defect and your order. Such details include (but not limited): photos, videos or screenshots of the defect, order and shipment details, payment details. We will accept claims for items exchange only within 7 days of receipt of the item and in case the item has no physical damage and the original software is not modified. Item repair is made within the warranty period for factory defects only. Physical damage, incorrect use, software modifications are not covered by the warranty. Repairs under warranty are made free of charge. Our service team will make final decision on the case only when the returned item is examined by our service team. If the defect is not under warranty, the buyer will be required to cover the repair cost and shipping cost, before the item is shipped back to the buyer.


Refunds are made with PayPal refund. Refund time and conditions depend on particular case. Please note, that we do not accept claims for refunds if the order is placed and you (buyer) decide to cancel it.